Medical Departments


Dental Clinic

Max-Health Hospital Dental clinics aim to provide the very best in dental health care services. Our highly team of dentists, dental specialists and oral hygiene care providers offer a full range of dental treatment using the latest technologies. Our dental professionals receive continuous skills training from [...]


Plastic Surgery/ Burn Centre

Our Plastic Surgery Unit is primarily responsible for providing exemplarily care for burn patients at Max-Health Hospital but also offers a wide range of modern plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures.Our services include:•    Breast reconstruction, augmentation and reduction•    Ear and other soft tissue injury treatment or loss [...]


Peads Surgery

Max-Health Hospital pediatric surgeons specialize specifically in caring for the surgical needs of children of all ages. Treating infants and children requires skills, and our medical specialists are specifically trained to involve your family in your child’s treatment and ensure that treatment is comprehensive. We gave [...]


Peads Neonatal

Emergency cases are channeled through the Pediatric Casualty department where the neonatologist is informed accordingly for further consultation and management. Inpatients are managed in the Neonatal High Dependency Unit or Children’s Ward which has provisions for private and general ward beds. Care may be escalated to [...]



The physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists at Max-Health Hospital are here to provide you with experienced, multifaceted support throughout your journey to recovery. We have expertise in a wide variety of modern techniques, such as neuro-rehab and musculoskeletal treatments, ante-natal and post-natal exercises and sports medicine. Our [...]



The Ophthalmology Unit at Max-Health Hospital is led by highly trained consultants who specialize in conditions such as cornea, cataracts, oculoplastic and glaucoma. We provide comprehensive eye care diagnostic and treatment services for both routine and complex eye conditions, supported by our state-of-the-art equipment.This allows us [...]


ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)

Our ENT Unit offers both routine and emergency consultations for conditions related to ear, nose, throat, head and neck conditions.Our surgical services include:•    Otology•    Rhinology•    Laryngology•    Head and neck surgery