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The hospital is a managed care project of Riphah International Univerity that is a federally chartered private sector university sponsored by a non-profit public welfare trust namely Islamic International Medical College Trustestablished in 1996 by its founding Managing Trustee, Maj.Gen (R) Dr. Muhammad Zulfiqar Ali Khan, TI (M), TBt.

The Riphah International University is the first among national universities to be certified under ISO 9001: 2008 standard by UK based Lloyd’s register. It is a “W” category university, ranked 6th among all public sector universities by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

The universities has established various constituent schools in medical, dental, rehabilitation, pharmaceutical, engineering, media, management, IT, Islamic business, social sciences, basic and vetenary sciences. Hence the unique privilege is to establish the first private sector medical college of Punjab i.e. the Islamic International Medical College.

Apart from this project the university has four teaching hospitals including Pakistan Railway Hospital, Rawalpindi, Riphah International Hopsital Sehala, Islamic International Dental Hospital, Islamabad and Ras al Khaimah Dental Hospital, Ras al Khiamah, U.AE.